Why have so many marketers worked with us for so many years? Here are four reasons.

1. We start with strategy.

Like many advertising and marketing agencies, we create great marketing campaigns. But there’s a crucial difference in our approach.

We believe the most effective creative is built on a strategic foundation. We want to know why marketing matters to your company, how marketing drives sales, and what you’re trying to achieve. We want to understand who you’re trying to engage, what your prospects care about, and how your products or services solve their problems better than your competitors.

The answers to these questions give us the ability to craft marketing plans designed to achieve your objectives and create dynamic campaigns that resonate with your target market and drive prospects to action.

2. We have decades of experience.

Agency president Jean Gianfagna has been developing strategic marketing plans, integrated marketing communications programs, and marketing campaigns for more than 35 years and has served as a marketing consultant to a wide range of organizations in many industries. Jean has built a savvy team of marketing pros to support strategy development and campaign execution.

3. Our roots are in direct marketing.

We got our start in direct mail marketing and still love creating data-driven direct mail and email campaigns for inbound marketing strategies. Unlike other marketing agencies, we don’t treat direct marketing as a sideline. We practice it, teach it, and advocate for it.

Our in-depth knowledge of data-driven direct marketing and direct response enables us to create targeted promotions that command attention, generate leads, drive traffic, and produce measurable results.

4. We’re easy to work with.

Many of our client relationships have lasted more than ten years. Several clients have taken us with them when they’ve changed jobs. We are friendly, flexible, responsive, and ready to help when a marketing need arises.

We deliberately keep our client list small to devote full attention and top-level expertise to the companies that count on us. We’re an outstanding complement to an internal marketing team.

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