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A New Resource for Smarter Marketing

Welcome to Smart Marketing Strategy, a new resource to help you develop and execute more effective marketing plans and campaigns.

I’m Jean Gianfagna, president of Gianfagna Strategic Marketing in Cleveland, Ohio. I’ve spent more than 30 years developing marketing strategies and creative marketing campaigns for some of the nation’s top business and consumer marketers.

During that time, I’ve seen dramatic changes in the technology available to deliver marketing messages. But no matter how much the channels change, the fundamentals of great marketing are still the same.

A great ad can’t sell a bad product. Flashy creative gets attention, but if it fails to deliver a meaningful message that sells the product, it’s useless. Your customers expect you to know who they are and treat them like you care about them. Your best prospects are people who look just like your best customers. And everyone who reads your ad, email, website, billboard, or brochure has one simple question: “Why is this important to me?”

Proven principles like these have always been the foundation of successful marketing campaigns. My goal is to help you apply these principles to today’s marketing strategies, through lessons learned, insights gained, and real-life examples.

Did you know that most blogs are never read by a human being—they’re read only by search engines? To be sure my blog earns your reading time, I’ll strive to deliver content that is meaningful and valuable to you—practical information you can use to market better and smarter.

Here’s what you can expect in future posts:

  • Marketing strategy: I’ll explain how to plan and create high-impact marketing initiatives that deliver a better return on your marketing investment;
  • Marketing trends: I’ll help you spot what’s new and noteworthy, and what it might mean for your next marketing campaign;
  • Branding strategy: I’ll show why a company’s brand is such an important asset and how to support your brand promise in marketing and customer communications;
  • Winners and losers: I’ll point out what the best marketers are doing right and critique campaigns that are wasting the advertiser’s money;
  • Marketing resources: I’ll refer you to colleagues, organizations, and other resources I recommend for executing your marketing strategies and campaigns.

What would you like to hear from me about? Let me know…and let’s go!

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