Take Your Tired, Poor Advertising Phrases — and Ditch Them

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Take Your Tired, Poor Advertising Phrases — and Ditch Them

Great copy is essential for an effective advertising campaign and a smart marketing strategy, but writing great copy is no easy task.

The best copywriters have the empathy to relate to the audience, the creativity to turn a phrase into a clever, memorable marketing message, and the skill to craft content that engages the target audience and supports the client’s brand and market positioning.

Mediocre copywriters, on the other hand, resort to using the same tired phrases again and again in headlines and campaign themes. This is a giant waste of the marketer’s money, because the audience tunes out messages they’ve heard too many times before.

7 Overused Advertising Lines to Send to the Creative Trash Heap

Here are seven advertising phrases I’ve seen used a hundred times and hope never to see again. See how many you recognize:

  1. You need a [   ] that works as hard as you do.
  2. [    ] you can believe in.
  3. [    ] a better [   ], one [   ] at a time.
  4. Got [   ]?
  5. [   ] never [   ] so good.
  6. [   ] doesn’t get any better than this.
  7. [   ], so you don’t have to.

Expect Better Creative from Your Marketing Agency

If your marketing team or advertising agency brings you copy with these worn-out, “not-that-one-again” phrases, send them back to the drawing board. Tell them you want fresh copy and creative campaigns that are unique to your business, true to your brand, and worth the money you’re spending on their efforts.


I think these seven phrases are among the worst offenders. Send me others you’d add to the list!

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