Ready for Your Close-up? 7 Tips for Success in the Media Spotlight

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Ready for Your Close-up? 7 Tips for Success in the Media Spotlight

It can happen out of the blue, through a lucky coincidence, or because you’ve done something noteworthy to capture the attention of a reporter or news editor. Without much time to prepare, you could find yourself in the media spotlight.

Positive media coverage can be an important part of a smart marketing strategy. Here’s how to capitalize on your close-up and achieve success when a media opportunity comes your way.

  1. Search the websites of the media outlets interested in your story. What do they typically cover? Who is their audience? What’s their style? Knowing how they might approach the story can help you prepare for their questions.
  2. Have facts at your fingertips. Give the media the proper context for understanding your story by having ready access to authoritative facts about your market, your customers, your industry, or the problem you’re trying to solve.
  3. Develop three to five key talking points and memorize them. Focus on the main messages you want people to remember about your business. Weave this content into interviews and support materials.
  4. Have background information ready in digital format, such as fact sheets or one-page summaries about your organization, products, staff, market, etc., to help reporters quickly get up to speed on you and your business.
  5. Provide high-quality digital photos and/or video. When you can give the media great images, you’ll have better control over how you come across in the news. Hire a professional photographer or videographer if you don’t already have a library of high-quality images.
  6. Share your media coverage with stakeholders, such as customers, employees, and colleagues, via your newsletter, website, blog, or social media. Include links to stories published about you and tell others about the experience.
  7. Get professional help if you sense the story could go big.  Call a public relations agency, marketing consultant, marketing communications team, or media expert to help you look and sound your best and get the positive publicity you deserve.

For a real-life example, read this case study of a Gianfagna client who hit a public relations homerun when a local story went big on CNN and ESPN.

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