6 Tips for Getting Started in Social Media Marketing

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6 Tips for Getting Started in Social Media Marketing

Are you ready to add social media to your smart marketing strategy?

Get off to a good start and position yourself and your company for social media success with these six tips:

  1. Be where everyone else is. Social media is a giant online conversation. No matter what business you’re in, you need to be engaged – personally and professionally – in the three main places where that conversation is taking place: Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Even if you’re not ready to contribute content, get on and see what everyone else is doing. Then, add your own voice.
  2. Learn from the masters.  On every social media platform, there are great examples of companies and individuals who have mastered the use of the channel. Find out who’s leading the social media pack – especially in your industry – and follow them to learn what they’re doing well.
  3. Share great content. Social media success is driven by creating and sharing consistently engaging content. Find or develop content that others who share your interests will value. Quality is critical to building a social media reputation.
  4. Contribute consistently. A weekly Tweet or monthly blog post isn’t enough to sustain a social media conversation. Make the time to regularly update your Facebook and LinkedIn status, Twitter feed, or blog to become a viable contributor that others will want to follow.
  5. Be respectful. When you dominate the conversation at a cocktail party, people turn away. The same principle applies to social media. Avoid filling up the Twitter and Facebook feeds and LinkedIn updates of others with irrelevant information or too much information.
  6. Put your social media links everywhere. Use every opportunity to encourage people to connect with you and your company on social media. My social media links are on my website home page, blog, company e-newsletter, email signature, directory listings, and business card. I want everyone I know to be able to find and engage with me and my Cleveland-based marketing consulting business online.
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