7 Ways to Show Your Social Media Followers Some Love

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7 Ways to Show Your Social Media Followers Some Love

Heart-Key-300x236Getting people to follow your company on social media is crucial to a smart marketing strategy.

But as hard as it is to attract social media followers, it’s even harder to keep them.

People may like you on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and other social media platforms, but they can un-like you in a heartbeat.

Your challenge as a marketer is to make it worth their while to stay connected with your company.

One of the best ways to engage and keep social media followers is to make them feel special.

Here are seven ways to show some love to social media followers in a smart marketing strategy:

  1. Create exclusive experiences. Share product previews, videos, or behind-the-scenes peeks at things non-followers don’t get to see.
  2. Offer special discounts or savings. Give followers discounts, savings, or bonuses on your products, services, or accessories – offers they will only see if they’re following you on social media.
  3. Provide first access to high-value content. Let your social media followers be among the first to access new content you create, such as how-to guides, case studies, white papers, or research reports.
  4. Give prizes. Create contests that give followers a chance to win a prize. Make entries contingent on activity, such as submitting a photo, sharing a tip, voting in a poll, or visiting your website.
  5. Recognize individual fans. Spotlight individual fans and followers and thank them for their loyalty. Pay special attention to followers who frequently comment on your posts, share your content, retweet your tweets, or repost your videos.
  6. Help fans help others. Reward your fans by tying charitable contributions to their level of activity on your pages. “Help us get XXX fans and we’ll donate $XXX to [a charity, nonprofit, or industry foundation].”
  7. Surprise people with something unexpected. Delight followers with an unexpected gift or bonus: “Here’s a free gift because we appreciate you.” Everyone loves surprises.

One of social media’s great values to marketers is the ability to connect with individuals. You can build meaningful relationships with customers and prospects who follow you on social media by showing them you value their loyalty and attention.

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