Brakey Energy

Brakey Energy

Brakey Energy is Ohio’s foremost energy management consulting firm, trusted by many of the state’s largest industrial and commercial enterprises.


Our services for Brakey Energy have included marketing strategy, branding, direct mail marketing, sales presentation materials, public relations, content marketing, and the development of the company’s website.

“When we first engaged Gianfagna Strategic Marketing, we didn’t even have promotional materials, let alone a comprehensive marketing strategy. Gianfagna took the time to learn our niche and the nuances of our business and industry. This proved to be an important foundation for the strategy Gianfagna developed.


“At Gianfagna’s recommendation, Brakey Energy produced a white paper about an important change in electricity costs. This white paper made a remarkable impact, giving Brakey Energy credibility and visibility like we never had before. It’s great to have a marketing expert I can turn to, whose work product and judgment I unreservedly trust. If you offer a product or service of value, let Gianfagna be your voice.”

– Matt Brakey, President, Brakey Energy

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