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Marketing Best Practices: How to Use Your CRM System for Smarter Marketing

A versatile, robust CRM system is the best way to store, manage, and use customer data for sales and marketing. But many marketers who invest in a CRM system fail to capitalize on its marketing value.

What You’ll Learn

  • The importance of CRM to a successful business
  • How to avoid the most common CRM mistakes
  • Why “one view, one truth” is essential for effective sales and marketing
  • The 10 best practices of using CRM in marketing
  • The value of data integrity
  • How to use email in data-driven customer communication
  • Who should drive enterprise CRM

How to Change Your Organization’s Name: A Step-by-Step Guide for Marketers

An identity change is a major undertaking with enormous marketing implications for any business. Where do you start? How do you do it? And how do you avoid mistakes?

The marketing strategy team at Gianfagna has developed a free, how-to guide for changing your organization’s name. This guide explains how to lay the groundwork for a new identity, how to create and select a new name, and the criteria to consider when evaluating ideas for a new identity. The guide also offers recommendations on when it’s appropriate to use your own in the identity of your business, especially if you are marketing professional services.

> Get your free guide here.
> If you’d like our help with managing the name change process or developing a new brand or branding strategy, contact us.

How to Audit Your Marketing Strategy

What’s the best way to maximize the return on your marketing investment? Take a step back from your day-to-day marketing projects and conduct a marketing audit.

A marketing audit is a top-to-bottom assessment of your entire marketing program, from branding to tactics.

We have in-depth experience in marketing audits and we’ve developed a free guide that explains how to conduct a marketing audit and use the results to develop a smart marketing strategy.

> Get the guide here.
> If you’d like our help auditing your marketing strategy, contact us.

How to Use White Papers to Market Your Business

White papers can be a powerful tool in a business-to-business marketing strategy, especially for marketing a professional services business.

We’ve developed a comprehensive, free guide to using white papers in B2B marketing. Our report explains why white papers are so effective, how to create a high-impact white paper, and how to use white papers in your B2B marketing plan.

> Get the guide here.
> If you’d like our help with creating white papers for your B2B marketing strategy, contact us.

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