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Marketing Strategy and Consulting   Branding Strategy   Direct Marketing Strategy

Marketing Strategy & Consulting

We are experienced marketing consultants with expert-level competence in marketing strategy. We create customized, integrated marketing plans and recommendations.


Branding Strategy

We can make your brand one of your most powerful marketing assets through an effective branding strategy and a fresh brand identity.


Direct Marketing Strategy

Our knowledge of data-driven marketing and database analysis can help you target the right prospects with high-impact direct marketing programs.

Social Media & Content Marketing   Marketing Campaigns   Sales Communication

Social Media & Content Marketing

We create comprehensive social media and content marketing strategies and produce blogs, videos, white papers, case studies, and other content to help you share your expertise.


Marketing Campaigns

Our innovative creative team can execute all aspects of your marketing plan and campaigns.


Sales Communication

We can develop high-impact sales tools and sales communication to engage your prospects and increase lead conversion.

Smart Marketing Strategy

AT&T Tries Every Trick in the Direct Mail Book for U-verse

Direct mail is a proven tactic for cross-selling products and services. Smart marketers micro-target cross-selling direct mail, using customer data to promote the right add-on products to the right customers at the right time. But how much cross-selling direct mail is too much? Especially when it's promoting the same product – over and over and over? AT&T is investing vast direct marketing resources to sell U-verse to its wireless … [More...]

Targeted Marketing Gone Wrong: No, I Didn’t Just Have a Baby

I got the nicest email from Shutterfly.com today congratulating me on my newborn baby: “Congratulations on your new arrival,” said the subject line. “There’s nothing more amazing than bringing a new life into the world,” read the copy. It’s a thoughtful message. There’s only one problem: I didn’t just have a baby. In fact, it turns out that many of the recipients of this message hadn’t recently given birth. Shutterfly is apologizing … [More...]

Is This Time Warner Cable Ad the Worst Ad on TV?

Have you ever seen a TV commercial so bad it makes you groan out loud -- or lunge for the remote to change the channel? That’s how I feel every time I see the “Something Old” commercial from Time Warner Cable. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gBk_PYEUY-E&feature=youtu.be TWC is my cable provider in Cleveland, Ohio and this spot runs frequently. It’s supposed to be cute and clever. But this ad breaks so many rules of effective … [More...]

B2B Marketing Strategy: 7 Ways to Sell to Influencers

One of the trickiest aspects of business-to-business marketing is selling to influencers – people who are not end-users of a product or service but whose opinions influence the purchasing decision. As a B2B marketing consultant, I’ve seen many situations where an influencer torpedoed the deal – or helped steer the selection of a particular vendor. That’s why it’s essential for B2B marketers to understand the role of influencers and how to … [More...]