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Smart Marketing Strategy

Why the Verizon Rep’s Sprint Defection is Smart Marketing

“Can you hear me now?” Without thinking, you can probably picture the person speaking and know the reason why. It’s the spokesman from Verizon’s old advertising campaign demonstrating via countless ads in many different locations the power of Verizon’s vast nationwide network. It’s a tribute to Verizon’s marketing team and agency that this phrase became iconic for Verizon’s network reliability. Which makes it even more impactful from a … [More...]

7 Reasons Why Referrals Don’t Turn into Sales

Referrals are like gold in sales and marketing. Someone who knows you endorses your capabilities to someone who trusts them AND needs what you provide. It’s an ideal setup for new business, especially if you’re a B2B marketer selling professional services. But many referrals don’t turn into sales. Marketers make costly mistakes that derail the sales process before, during, and after a referral takes place. Here are seven reasons why a … [More...]

How to Create a “Drip” Direct Marketing Campaign

In B2B marketing, where buying decisions can take weeks, months, or even longer, multi-part direct marketing campaigns – sometimes called “drip” marketing – can be a powerful tactic. Drip direct marketing is a carefully planned approach that deploys multiple mailings and messages in a series over a period of time. For B2B marketers looking to generate leads or nurture prospects during a long sell cycle, drip marketing can be a smart marketing … [More...]

How to Turn a Product Shipment into a Branding Opportunity

Shipping products to customers can be pretty straightforward. Pick the product from inventory, pack it in a shipping container with relevant literature, and ship it. But a product shipment is a golden opportunity for branding. Here are two examples of very different marketers – Nuts.com and Chanel -- who are transforming product shipments from routine transactions into branding and marketing magic. Nuts about Nuts at Nuts.com Nuts.com … [More...]