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Smart Marketing Strategy

Marketing to Millennials: Why Core Values are Key to Success

If you sell products or services to millennials – the 70 million Americans born between 1982 and 1999 – understanding the core values and experiences they share as a generation is crucial to success. Chuck Underwood, who helped develop and popularize the field of generational study, recently offered fascinating insights on generational marketing in a presentation to the American Advertising Federation in Cleveland. Here’s why viewing your … [More...]

Why it’s Smart to Audit Your Marketing–Even If Sales are Up

Your business is having a good year. The sales team is meeting their targets. Your boss is smiling. Your marketing must be working, right? Maybe yes, but maybe no. Even if sales are up, critical marketing issues could be limiting your success – or threatening your future. A marketing audit can help you find out. Here’s why auditing your marketing – when times are bad or good – can be so important to a smart marketing strategy. What is a … [More...]

7 Ways Your Best Customers Can Help You Market Your Business

If you’re running a successful business, you probably have customers who love you – loyal, devoted customers who consistently buy your products and services and consider you their preferred supplier. Relationships like these mean you must be doing something right. But in addition to making you feel good (and helping you reach your sales goals), your best customers can also play a powerful role in a smart marketing strategy. Here are seven … [More...]

10 Crucial Marketing Questions for Every New Business Owner

Have you decided to become an entrepreneur? Congratulations! Marketing will be one of the most important factors in the success of your new business. So before you put your name on the door, consider this: Every business, no matter how small, needs a marketing plan that outlines objectives, positioning, messaging, targeted audiences, channels, tactics, promotions, and implementation. Whether you develop that plan yourself or hire a … [More...]