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Smart Marketing Strategy

How to Create a “Drip” Direct Marketing Campaign

In B2B marketing, where buying decisions can take weeks, months, or even longer, multi-part direct marketing campaigns – sometimes called “drip” marketing – can be a powerful tactic. Drip direct marketing is a carefully planned approach that deploys multiple mailings and messages in a series over a period of time. For B2B marketers looking to generate leads or nurture prospects during a long sell cycle, drip marketing can be a smart marketing … [More...]

How to Turn a Product Shipment into a Branding Opportunity

Shipping products to customers can be pretty straightforward. Pick the product from inventory, pack it in a shipping container with relevant literature, and ship it. But a product shipment is a golden opportunity for branding. Here are two examples of very different marketers – Nuts.com and Chanel -- who are transforming product shipments from routine transactions into branding and marketing magic. Nuts about Nuts at Nuts.com Nuts.com … [More...]

New Marketing Strategy Guide: How to Change a Company’s Name

An identity change is a major undertaking with enormous marketing implications for any business. Where do you start? How do you do it? And how do you avoid mistakes? The marketing consultants of Gianfagna Strategic Marketing in Cleveland, Ohio have developed a free, how-to guide for changing your organization’s name. Our guide explains how to lay the groundwork for a new identity, how to create and select a new name, and the criteria to … [More...]

How Your Employees’ Public Behavior Can Damage Your Brand

Marketers spend a lot of time and money building their brands. But nothing can hurt a brand faster than bad behavior by a company’s employees in public. Sometime that behavior makes headlines, like when employees break the law. Luckily, that type of embarrassment is rare. More often, brands are damaged in countless small ways during everyday interactions between employees and others. Here’s why your employees’ behavior in public is an … [More...]