We can improve your results with customized consulting and comprehensive marketing audits.

Whether you’re facing a complex marketing challenge or exploring a new marketing opportunity, guidance from an experienced, independent marketing consultant like Gianfagna can help you find the right path forward.

We provide a wide variety of customized marketing consulting services to marketers, including helping clients cross-sell, upsell, retain customers, reactivate lapsed customers, launch new products or services, and gain a better understanding of their customers and competitors.

One of our core services is conducting comprehensive, objective marketing audits to help you find out if your marketing investment be delivering better results.

Jean Gianfagna, agency principal and a veteran marketing strategist, has served as a marketing consultant to major companies in many industries in Ohio and across the U.S. Jean and our team will evaluate the effectiveness of all aspects of your marketing strategy and campaigns and recommend ways to increase your marketing ROI.

How We Conduct Marketing Audits

Our marketing audit process objectively assesses all aspects of your approach to marketing and selling. An audit can be part of a full marketing strategy project or a stand-alone assignment. We can help you determine what’s working and what isn’t in your marketing and show you how to do marketing more effectively going forward.

Our evaluation encompasses all major elements of your approach to marketing and the factors that could impact your results, such as:

  • Your marketing and sales objectives, challenges, and opportunities;
  • Your products and services;
  • Your marketplace and competitors;
  • Your customers and prospects;
  • Your sales and customer acquisition strategy and the steps of your sales process;
  • Lead generation, lead nurturing, and conversion;
  • Cross-selling and upselling;
  • Your customer relationship management program and ongoing customer communication;
  • Your marketing ERP/CRM system and marketing database;
  • Brand identity, branding strategy, and market positioning;
  • Marketing channels (traditional, web, and social media);
  • Marketing campaigns and tactics such as advertising, content marketing, social media, direct mail and email marketing, public relations, trade shows, and websites;
  • Sales presentations and sales collateral;
  • Marketing messages and creative approaches;
  • Integration of marketing across multiple media;
  • Marketing budget and staff;
  • Marketing analytics;
  • Marketing and sales data available for analysis and profiling;
  • Data-driven marketing tactics and activities.

Following this assessment, we will deliver a detailed report of the strengths and weaknesses of your approach to marketing and present specific recommendations to improve the effectiveness of your marketing going forward. You’ll have clear direction for how to achieve your marketing objectives.


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