We specialize in integrated marketing strategies for business and consumer marketers.

With in-depth knowledge of strategic marketing and decades of experience in many industries, we can help you develop an integrated marketing strategy that delivers high-impact messages to your most important audiences in traditional, web, and social media.

How We Develop Marketing Strategies & Marketing Plans

We work closely with you to understand your history, products, services, objectives, customers, prospects, brand, marketplace, competitors, sales process, sales and marketing ERP/CRM, and marketing tactics. Our process includes:

  • Meeting with your marketing and sales team;
  • Analyzing your sales results and customer database to profile and segment your customers, identify the characteristics of best customers, and gain insights into who buys from you and how;
  • Interviewing selected customers to learn why people value your products and services, and their relationship with your business;
  • Researching and profiling your competitors to understand their market positioning and marketing tactics.

We then utilize proven principles of effective marketing and our marketing planning expertise to develop customized marketing strategy recommendations, such as:

  • How to use marketing to achieve specific sales objectives;
  • How to prioritize marketing initiatives to quickly impact results;
  • How to capitalize on your competitive advantages in marketing;
  • How to differentiate your company in a competitive marketplace;
  • How to communicate your value proposition;
  • How to plan marketing tactics and campaigns for each marketing channel;
  • How to use your customer and prospect database for targeted marketing;
  • How to synchronize marketing and sales;
  • How to generate leads and nurture prospects to create new customer relationships;
  • How to engage customers and enhance retention with ongoing, systematic customer relationship management (CRM);
  • How to monitor and measure the results of your marketing.

We also can develop a detailed, month-by-month, channel-by-channel, tactical marketing plan that serves as a marketing roadmap, including:

  • Marketing tactics and campaigns such as advertising, direct marketing, web marketing, content marketing, public relations, email marketing, social media marketing, sales promotion, sales demonstration tools, and trade shows;
  • A ballpark budget for production, media, and distribution costs;
  • Recommendations for internal and external resources for plan execution.

In addition, we can help you manage the implementation of your marketing strategy and marketing plan and provide ongoing marketing guidance and creative assistance.


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