7 Reasons Why You (Still) Need a Blog for B2B Marketing

Here are seven reasons why you still need a blog in a smart B2B marketing strategy, plus a compelling B2B blogging success story shared by Rick Short of Indium Corporation at Content Marketing World 2015 in Cleveland, Ohio. #CMWorld


Marketing to Today’s College Students: 10 Key Insights

The annual Beloit College Mindset List profiles how incoming college freshmen view the world, offering fascinating insights for marketers into the next generation of consumers.
Here are 10 key takeaways for marketers from this year’s list for the Class of 2019.


5 New Rules and 5 Proven Principles for Marketing Success

In this new, technology-driven world of marketing, do the proven principles of marketing strategy still apply? Or are there new rules for marketing success? Here are five new marketing rules created by the enormous impact of technology plus five time-tested marketing principles — and the reasons to consider both in a smart marketing strategy.


7 Trends to Watch in Direct Mail Marketing

What’s new and what’s working in direct mail these days? Here are seven interesting direct marketing trends I’m seeing as a marketing consultant who often recommends direct mail in a smart marketing strategy for my clients.


Why It’s a Mistake to Take a Break from Blogging

If content marketing is part of your smart marketing strategy, consistent blogging is essential. In fact, letting your blog lapse can be a big marketing mistake. How do I know? I just did it. Here’s why a break in blogging can be bad for your business – and five ways to get your blog back on track.


10 Reasons to Create Your Next Ad Campaign in Cleveland

Are you looking to create a great advertising campaign for your organization? Come to Cleveland. While we’re not Madison Avenue or even Michigan Avenue, some of the best advertising and marketing campaigns in America are being produced in Northeast Ohio. Here are 10 reasons why Cleveland, Ohio is a terrific advertising town and a great place to create and execute a smart marketing strategy.


6 Marketing Lessons I Learned as the Mother of the Bride

Brides are spending big money on weddings. According to the Wedding Report, the cost of an average wedding in the U.S. is $25,200. Market research firm IBISWorld estimates that the U.S. wedding industry has grown to $55 billion in annual sales.

That’s a lot of cake, tulle, and flowers – and as the mother of the bride, I can tell you from personal experience that it’s also a fascinating example of what works (or doesn’t work) in sales and marketing. Here are six lessons for your smart marketing strategy that I learned as the mother of the bride.


Is that Super Bowl Ad a Smart Marketing Strategy?

The Super Bowl is marketing nirvana for advertisers. Not only is it the most-viewed TV program of the year, but viewers are almost as interested in the ads as the game. But how do you know if a Super Bowl ad will be a winner — and a smart marketing strategy? Here’s my annual guide for how to evaluate the marketing effectiveness of Super Bowl advertising.


The Best & Worst of Agent/Dealer Direct Mail: 2 Case Studies

Direct mail is a common marketing tactic for supporting dealers and agents who sell consumer products and services. Using geographically targeted data, the home office or corporate headquarters sends direct mail to prospects with content personalized to the local dealer or agent.

When it works, it can be marketing dynamite. Effective agent/dealer campaigns generate leads from qualified buyers, drive retail traffic, and make the phones ring.

When it fails, it can be a disaster. Campaigns that miss the mark irritate prospects, waste the marketer’s money, and wind up in the trash.

Here are two examples from Acura and State Farm Insurance of the best and worst of agent/dealer direct mail and some lessons for your smart marketing strategy.


Paid, Owned & Earned Media: Why Marketers Need All Three

The term “media” used to have a simple definition in marketing: “Media” were the paid advertising channels marketers used to deliver promotional messages to prospects. But today’s definition of “media” is decidedly different. If fact, there are three kinds of media that belong in a marketing plan: Paid, owned, and earned media. Here’s what “media” […]